Man Kwan Pak Kau College

Cross-Subject Special Topic Research


Our school is keen on providing education in five areas to our students and also develop students’ potential and Nine Generic Skills through the Whole-person Development Lessons. Therefore, some specific research topics are offered to our students to make in-depth studies so that they can link up their knowledge, skills and values to construct a more consolidate knowledge. In different stages of the research (preparation, information collecting and report writing), students can also learn and grasp different abilities including observation, data collection, organisation, thinking, investigation, statistics compilation and analysis. The most important element that students need is to co-operate well with their teammates throughout the whole process. Training in co-operation, communication, listening and problem solving will be key aspects that students will experience. To develop students’ confidence, responsibility, potential and the base of life-long learning are the primary objectives of the Cross-curriculum Project Learning.

In this academic year, starting from the school campus, the topics for Form 1 and Form 2 students will be related to the school. They will learn the basic skills and techniques for researching and then combine the knowledge they learn from Liberal Education / Studies, from the school to community. They will also evaluate Hong Kong. Students’ understanding towards the development of Hong Kong economy and also their knowledge in different industries, like the reasons for their appearance, the ways they develop and the crises they are facing, will be strengthened. These are the values of the research. We hope that our students on one hand can obtain deeper subject knowledge, on the other hand a better recognition of, and sense of responsibility for, the community and the world.

Strategies and Measures

Form 1

“School campus” is the area for their research topics. With connection to their regular Liberal Education / Studies curriculum, students need to produce a report related to the school campus. In order to learn the basic research skills, they need to utilise, investigate and analyse the data they collect and finish a statistic chart.

Form 2

Based on the skills and techniques students have learnt in Form 1, the topic this year will be “Hong Kong Today– the development of our society environment”. Students are free to choose a theme such as the old restricts redelopment, pollution problems and sustainable community development for doing a specific project. They need to conduct at least one an in-depth interview for the selected theme of which so that they can realise the society development and give some related suggestions. Students may learn the skills of compilation and analysis.

Form 3

Based on the skills and techniques they have learnt in previous years, students are expected to make in-depth studies on different topics. The research will be combined within the Liberal Education / Studies curriculum so that students can learn a more systematic methodology in doing research. The topic will be the issues on how globalizationthe influences the Hong Kong youngsters' development. The research methods can be diverse like questionnaire, observation and interview, which can enhance the students' ability to analysis and conduct the information.

In order to cater the Authentic Learning, junior form students will visit different districts and urban development to broaden their views and deepen thir understanding of the society. After one year learning, we hope that our students can handle the project learning skills, which is good for them to prepare the NSS curriculum. Besides that, it can enhance the satisfcation and attention of the students as they present their projects and contributions to their classmates.