Man Kwan Pak Kau College

School Community Services


We have been implementing multiple school-wide social service programs for many years and require students to participate in order to achieve their graduation. We hope that students can broaden their horizons with life experiences through social services, to understand the spirit of self-reliance, and learn to contribute to society in the future. In addition, in order to strengthen the implementation of the social services in schools, we have recruited a full-time social service assistant, to assist school volunteer training and make contact with outside organizations, which help our social services develop better.

The details of service:

Class-based Each class will embark on multiple service programs, which include visits to local social service organizations, cleaning beaches and visiting elderly nursing homes and so on.
Long-term volunteer service team
  • Singleton elderly

(Co-operate with Yuen Long District Women Association Limited )

  • Advance Nation a harmony
( Co-operate with Yuen Long Theatre to serve the South Asians)
Unit Service Flat selling; House cleaning for elderly; Visiting game booths

The criteria of Social service hours as follow:

Forms Social service hours
S.1, S.2 & S.3 10hrs / school year
S.4 & S.5 10hrs / school year
S.6 5hhrs / school year