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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

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Speech on Our 60th Anniversary Celebration

This is our 60th anniversary celebration during the 2014 and 2015 academic year. Recalling the past memories, due to limitations of school premises, our School supervisor, Professor Tam Man Kwan, has strived to seek for more resources in the aim of offering a better study environment and diversified learning opportunities for the students. Professor Tam, Miss Yung and our teachers are finally reaping the rewards of their determinations that we now have decent school premises with professional leadership, teacher teams and also diversified curriculum. This is all the result of sowing, irrigating, persisting and pursuing with the concept "All are educable” to serve our society.

Under the concept, we strive for “whole-person education” by enhancing all-round education and cultivating pillars of society via diversified learning opportunities. The same logic applies as we encourage interactive and self-learning by capitalizing on IT technology and e-class learning programme that eBooks, interactive teaching materials, online resources have been fully applied to our S1 students. We also provide more than 40 extra-curricular groups for our students to develop their potentials. This year, our S6 students have been successfully admitted to local universities in order to achieve their dreams. Moreover, our lower form students have got the prize of digital game design for three consecutive years that their talents can be fully utilized. All our students have participated in social services and accumulated more than 10,000 hours of social services hours. Meanwhile, parents love our caring culture that teachers would take seriously of the growth of students.

Today, our students reap what they sow which proves our success of teaching principles and determination. This is not easy throughout the sixty-year development. I hereby represent the school to thank all directors, teachers, parents, alumni and students who have paid the effort to let our teachers and students fulfil their dreams in this ideal learning environment.

In the next cycle of sixty years, we will step into an even better stage in order to follow our principle "All are educable” as well as enhance the growth of students.