Man Kwan Pak Kau College



Throughout the years, our school has been adhering to the motto "All are Educable, All can Succeed". We are committed to provide quality education for all. We establishing a "Holistic Education" framework and provide a wide range of curriculum and extra-curricular activities in order to create an "active" learning environment for students and enrich their learning experience, to enable them to master "active" knowledge.

"All are Educable" is to enable students of different aptitudes and strengths to show their potential talents so as to achieve "All can Succeed". We should not just “select the best” to teach, but we should strive to "teach everyone to excel".

"Active Education" has to be led and implemented by “Authentic Leadership". "Authentic Leadership" is based on personal deep values and beliefs. Authentic leaders lead with their hearts to gain the team members’ respect and trust, turning teaching to "teaching partners". They collaborate with their teachers to achieve the vision and mission of the school, and build an “authentic school”, to provide quality education for each student, so as to achieve "All are Educable, All can Succeed".

The target of school education is "people" and educational duties goals are also practised by "people". Therefore, the structure of educational institutions must be “people-oriented”; implementing the principles of fairness, justice and openness. The rights and interests of teachers and students and other stakeholders must be respected so as to build a campus of mutual trust and love, eventually leading to a "successful school".