Man Kwan Pak Kau College


The Foundation

"All are educable" is not narrowly defined as being willing to teach weaker students, but also for those who cannot receive education because of different social reasons (economy, race, sex and disability). "All are educable" is also a belief in “everyone is capable”. Every student can be successful when sufficient learning chances and appropriate development spaces are provided. Students from basic-class family always have a great family burden. For this reason some of them even quit school and therefore some potential talents may lose. To implement our school motto “All are educable” and keep more talents for our society, Prof. Tam Man Kwan, an experienced educator, founded Man Kwan Education Fund (Fund) to provide financial support for students so that they can continue their study.

The founder Prof. Tam Man Kwan has been in the career of teaching over 30 years. With his passion and enthusiasm, he has continuously established schools, participated in public services, published education-related work. Prof. Tam also has outstanding achievements in education policies, professional management and teaching, also the great contributions to education in Hong Kong and even to that in the mainland. The foundation of the Fund is the embodiment of Prof. Tam’s motto “All are educable”.

The Fund was founded in November 2000, a non-profit making funding under the management of Pak Kau College with the motto “All are educable” for supporting students with financial difficulties from Pak Kau Educational Organization Limited, QualiEd Educational Organization Limited and Eduyoung Educational Organization Limited. (Now named as Man Kwan Educational Organisation Limited). There are different items under the Fund to encourage students to diversify their development like Yung Lai Chun Scholarship and Boundless Education Scholarship. The Fund also includes Assistance for Extra-curriculum Activities and Study Tour Assistance to motivate students actively join extra-curriculum activities.