Man Kwan Pak Kau College

Appraisal Scheme for Teachers

(A) Objectives :

Administrative staff provide teaching and administration related opinion to teachers in order to improve the quality in teaching and teachers' self-recognition.

(B) Follow-up :

At the beginning of the academic year, 4-5 teachers will be assigned for an administrative staff to follow up their performance in teaching, discipline and counselling, extra-curricular activities, administrative work and interpersonal relationship.

(C) Meeting Times :

Basically once a term, it depends on teacher' s situation. There will be formal meetings for teachers and advice will also be provided.

(D) Preparation Before Meeting :

  • To know well teacher's performance in their daily work.
    (e.g. their attendance, their performance when they are on duty, their skills of teaching students)
  • To understand teacher's performance in their teaching.
    (Information will be obtained from subject panels or lesson observation)
  • To observe teacher's communication skills among their colleagues, students and parents.

(E) Content of meeting :

There are FIVE areas ---
  • Teaching Performance
  • Disciplinary and Counselling work
  • Extra-curricular Activities
  • Administrative Work
  • Interpersonal Relationship

(F) Ways of Evaluation :

Administrative staff need to fill in the "Teacher Appraisal Report" every term. The report will be discussed in the school administrative meeting and will be submitted to the Principal. The Principal will arrange a face-to-face meeting for some of the teachers if necessary in order to provide some further advice.

Administrative staff will also arrange further follow-up for some of the teachers. There are three ways :

  • Increase the number of monthly formal meetings.
  • One more administrative staff will be added to the follow-up work.
  • Strengthen the communication, including increasing the number of informal meetings.

(G) Strategies for Evaluation :

  • Business to business, nothing personal.
  • Be straight and true-hearted when providing opinion and advice.
  • Keep safe the copy of the report for future reference.