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Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Primary school students’ workshops: Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Prima ...    Pak Kau workshop for multi-intelligence (English, Visual Arts, Science, IT etc), all primary school students are welcomed:     Hong Kong Digital Game Development Competition 2010: Organizers: Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Digital ...    Merging of Sponsoring Bodies: Announcement Pak Kau College, Pak Kau Continuing E ...   

18.04.2015 Award Scheme for Children in Tin Shui Wai 2014-2015
25.04.2015 Charity Walk 2015
15.05.2015 ifuture Education Conference 2015
Congratulations to 3C Leung Chi Hung, 3C Chan Lai Han, 3D Chan Pak Long, 5A Peng Zhixuan, 5A Luo Xuandan, 5C Wong Yip Ching on getting the Award of Distinction at “2014-2015 Chinese Student Composition Competition (Hong Kong)
Congratulations to 1A Lam Yat Hin, 1A Chan Cheuk Muk on getting the Secondary 1 Bronze at 12th Talent Problem Solving Competition.
Congratulations to 4A Huang LiYin, 4A Leung King Fai and 3A Huang LiNa on getting the Award of Distinction at Chern International Hong Kong – Olympix 2014
Congratulations to 5A Chan Wing Kei on Getting the Proficiency at the Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2014 (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
TVB - Tuesday Report (01-07-2014) video clip
South China Morning Post - Pak Kau College benefits from projector with "Multi PC Projection" for E-learning
e-zone - New projectors feature displaying contents from multiple wireless devices, encouraging classroom interactions
<Ming Pao Daily> Tablets brush up students' learning skills and designing digital games
Pak Kau Cup
Study tour for S.5 students in Macau
Inter-School Sport
Wishes Ceremony