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Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Primary school students’ workshops: Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Prima ...    Pak Kau workshop for multi-intelligence (English, Visual Arts, Science, IT etc), all primary school students are welcomed:     Hong Kong Digital Game Development Competition 2010: Organizers: Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Digital ...    Merging of Sponsoring Bodies: Announcement Pak Kau College, Pak Kau Continuing E ...   

25.02.2016 Joint-school Sports Day
06.03.2016 Parent's Day
19.03.2016 STEM Learning Fair 2016
26.03.2016 The Three Gorges Dam and Hubei Province Cultural and Industrial Exchange Programme
29.03.2016 Taiwan University Visit and Cultural Exchange Programme
Congratulations to 6A CAO SISI on getting the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes
Congratulations to 4A KWAN LOK CHUNG on getting the Junior Group Bronze at HKOI Competition.
Congratulations to the students from Enriched IT Programme who took the first prize in the Joint School Science Innovation Activity-“Vibrating Robot Race 2.0” organized by the Science Innovation Centre of the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association
Congratulations to 1A Wong Ho Yin and 3C Leung Chi Hung on getting the Award of Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads 2015
[TVB News] "Flipped Classroom" is implemented for the purpose of increasing efficiency in education
[TVB News] Teachers advocate that students should learn to code early
South China Morning Post - Student Crack The Code For APP Design
TVB - Tuesday Report (01-07-2014) video clip
Uniform Groups Footdrill Competition
2016-2017 F.1 Interview day
Social Service Society – Learning Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
The grand opening ceremony of the Enriched IT Class Programme and My Dream Studio