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Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Primary school students’ workshops: Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Prima ...    Pak Kau workshop for multi-intelligence (English, Visual Arts, Science, IT etc), all primary school students are welcomed:     Hong Kong Digital Game Development Competition 2010: Organizers: Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Digital ...    Merging of Sponsoring Bodies: Announcement Pak Kau College, Pak Kau Continuing E ...   

09.09.2016 Carnival of extracurricular activities
14.09.2016 Student Assembly
21.10.2016 Prefect inauguration ceremony
21.10.2016 2016-2017 Parent and Teacher Association Inauguration Ceremony
Congratulations to 4A Yu Hon Shi, Su Sau Fang, Xie Yuxin, To Chun Hei, Chan Pak Long and 4C Li Yat Hoon getting the Champion of Your School Dream Green 2016 Competition, which is organized by HKIE.
Congratulations to 4A Ho Kai Yui on getting the 3rd Place Grand Award from the China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest.
Congratulations to 4A Yu Hon Shi, Su Sau Fang, Xie Yuxin and Chan Pak Long on getting the Merit for Proposal from the Weather Observation Competition 2016.
Congratulations to 4A TO CHUN HEI and 4D YAU KA WAI on getting “The Best Game Design Award” in DILWL Game Jam Junior 2016, which is organized by HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee).
Ming Pao --- the awarded script writer forgives her mother through putting her own sad story on stage
Sing Pao Daily --- Winning the Awards for Outstanding Script based on a true story at Hong Kong School Drama Festival
Sing Tao Daily --- The first grand High Table Dinner for students to appreciate each other and share their encouraging stories
Wen Wei Po --- The girl who won the Awards for Outstanding Script expresses her depression through drama
S.1 Summer Bridging Programme Closing Ceremony 2017
The 1st Teacher Development Workshop
2015-16 Joint School Ireland English Language Study Tour
2015-16 Fujian Tulou Herritage Conservation and Cultural study tour