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Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Primary school students’ workshops: Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Prima ...    Pak Kau workshop for multi-intelligence (English, Visual Arts, Science, IT etc), all primary school students are welcomed:     Hong Kong Digital Game Development Competition 2010: Organizers: Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Digital ...    Merging of Sponsoring Bodies: Announcement Pak Kau College, Pak Kau Continuing E ...   

11.09.2015 Carnival of extracurricular activities
28.10.2015 The annual school students Election Day
27.11.2015 autumn school trips
22.12.2015 Christmas party
Congratulations to 1A Wong Ho Yin and 3C Leung Chi Hung on getting the Award of Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads 2015
Congratulations to 2B Yuan Hailin on getting the Award of Hong Kong & Macau Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest cum The Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest Trial
Congratulations to 3C Leung Chi Chung on getting the Award of 30th Secondary School Student Reading Report Competition
Congratulations to our students 3C Kwan Lok Chung Tiffany and 3ESu Xiu Fang on getting the Award of fifth competition of Felix Puzzle and " T word puzzle" Competition (Secondary Schools) .
South China Morning Post - Student Crack The Code For APP Design
TVB - Tuesday Report (01-07-2014) video clip
South China Morning Post - Pak Kau College benefits from projector with "Multi PC Projection" for E-learning
e-zone - New projectors feature displaying contents from multiple wireless devices, encouraging classroom interactions
S.1 Summer Bridging Programme Closing Ceremony 2015
Beijing Space Flight Science Culture Exchange Trip
2014-2015 graduated cum Award Presentation Ceremony
ifuture Education Conference 2015