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Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Primary school students’ workshops: Briefing session for Secondary Education cum Prima ...    Pak Kau workshop for multi-intelligence (English, Visual Arts, Science, IT etc), all primary school students are welcomed:     Hong Kong Digital Game Development Competition 2010: Organizers: Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Digital ...    Merging of Sponsoring Bodies: Announcement Pak Kau College, Pak Kau Continuing E ...   

07.05.2016 2016 The Yan Oi Tong Flag Day
21.05.2016 Elder Academy Learning Hong Kong ecology
Congratulations to 2B Ip Wing Hong, 2D Lee Chun Lam, 2A Lam Chak Kwan on getting the “Energy, Engineering and Environment Award” from The Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition
Congratulations to our students on their excellent results in Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition 2015-2016
Congratulations to 5A Liu Tak Fung on getting the Award of 68th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Tom Lee Music Scholarship – Champion.
Congratulations to 6A CAO SISI on getting the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes
Apple Daily-The elderly commands the robot with the help of secondary school students
Oriental Daily-School volunteering team teachers the old generation with the new technology
Sing Pao Daily-Simple commands help with the household chores
Sing Pao Daily-Stimulate creativity, support the society
Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony
2015-2016 F.5 Hubei Province Wuhan and Yichang Cultural, Industrial and Three Gorges Dam's Field Trip
F.6 Thanksgiving Day
Inter-school sports day